Spiritist Education Educators

Dear Spiritist Educator,
This is your place, here you're gonna find materials and support for your wonderful task. You are a very important key in this process.
Thank you for all your hard work.
We hope you find what you need. 

trad: Caro Educador Espírita,
Este é o seu lugar, aqui você vai encontrar materiais e apoio para a sua tarefa maravilhosa. Você é uma chave muito importante neste processo.
Obrigado por todo seu trabalho duro.
Esperamos que você ache que você precisa. 

[history, pedagogues]
  1. Important Pedagogical Remarks

  1. [by age range]
  2. 4-7 years-old
  3. 8-11 years-old
  4. 12-15 years-old
[class program, evaluation, forms]

"We believe the childhood to be the best fertile period for the assimilation of the most diverse values. Our responsibility as parents, educators and community participants in general, should be geared towards the utilization of such an ease phase of assimilation to build a better world.”
André Luiz, Spiritist Conduct

  1. [educators, parents]
  2. Educators x Educators
  3. Educators x Parents
  4. Workshops for Parents
  5. [songs, videos, games]

[docs, presentations, guidelines]

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