Como temos vários companheiros dos EUA, vou tentar aqui colocar algumas informações para eles... Para facilitar a divulgação do Espiritismo através das nossa crianças.

As we have many U.S. friends, I try to put some information here for them ... Tofacilitate the dissemination of Spiritism through our children.

Spiritism is the New Science which has come to reveal to mankind
by means of irrefutable evidence the existence and nature of the
spiritual world and its relation with the physical world.”
Allan Kardec – The Gospel According to Spiritism
“Spiritism and Science complement each other: Science, without
Spiritism, will find it impossible to explain certain phenomena
through the laws that govern only matter. And Spiritism,
without Science, will lack support and corroboration.”
Allan Kardec – The Genesis
“Unshakable faith is only that which can meet
reason face to face in every human epoch.”
Allan Kardec – The Gospel According to Spiritism

E-Books on PDF

AuthorBook Title
Allan KardecThe Spirits’ BookThe Mediums’ Book
The Gospel AccordingTo SpiritismHeaven and Hell
Andre LuizDisobsessionAstral City
Christian Agenda
Chico Xavier & Waldo VieiraThe World of the SpiritOur Daily Bread
Joanna de AngelisAfter the Storm
Jussara KorngoldPractical Guide for Magnetic and Spiritual Healing
Odilon Fernandes & Carlos BaccelliWe Are All Mediums
Jussara Korngold & M. LevinsonIlluminating Messages From the Beyond
Leon DenisLife and DestinyThe Mistery of Joan of Arc
Maria Ida BolconeLife Thaught Us (for Children)
Neio LucioLife Tellst Us II (for Children)
Camille FlammarionDeath and Its Mistery
Gabriel DelanneEvidence for a Future Life
International Spiritist CouncilPreparation of Workers
Paulo Rossi Severino & AME-SPLife’s Triunph
Richard SimonettiWho’s Affraid of Death?

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